Local community enraged by holiday vandals who cut lights on beloved Christmas tree

A local community is enraged after they say someone cut the lights on their beloved Christmas tree the night after it was put up, costing hundreds in damage. 

The tree that stands at the Bridesburg Recreation Center was lit on Saturday night with a celebration that included an appearance from Santa himself. 

A longstanding holiday tradition in the community of around 6,500, residents were angered to find the tree in darkness the night after it was lit up to welcome the Christmas season. 

Community members say someone cut the wires on the tree's lights, costing about $1,000 in damage. 


Police were given video surveillance from the recreation center, but it was too dark to identify the holiday hooligans. Now the community is upping its efforts to find those responsible. 

"There’s everything bad going she said, why ruin somebody’s symbol of hope," Kimberly Harris told FOX 29's Jeff Cole. 

Cailey’s Kitchen, a newly opened restaurant a few blocks away, is offering a catered Christmas Day meal to anyone with images of the culprits.

Efforts are being made to rewire the tree, but as of Tuesday night it remained in darkness.