Local libraries offering relief from the blazing heat

In the blazing, triple-digit heat, it's uncomfortable to have to venture outside of the air conditioning. But, if you're someone who has to bear the heat without access to a pool or some kind of immediate relief, the weather can be dangerous. 

With the heat index over 100, even the healthiest people can start noticing signs of overheating like headaches, dizziness, and nausea. The city has cooling centers set up at local libraries, so people can get some much-needed relief from the heat. 

"We're neighbors helping neighbors," said Nani Mansion of the West Philadelphia Regional Library. "We're a neighbor on Sansom Street, so we're looking our for people and saying, ‘Hey, we have air conditioning, so stop on by!' This heat is challenging on everyone. It's brutal."

Dr. Delana Wardlaw of Temple Health says it's important for people to recognize signs of heat exhaustion, especially in these excessive temperatures. She recommends anyone who may not have access to air conditioning to at least check out the cooling centers.

"If you do not have an air conditioner with these extreme temperatures, it behooves you to make sure that you get to a cooling center, even if you have to call a neighbor or a family member," said Dr. Wardlaw.  

Some residents don't seem to mind the heat, like Lee, who works outside in the summer. Lee says he gets cold sitting inside with the air on, but he encourages other people to take advantage of the free libraries and cooling centers across the city. 

"This heat might be so bad that people don’t want to risk coming out of the house. It’s like they’ll hit the door and say, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s hot,’ and they'll turn right back around to just stay in the house," said Lee.

For anyone that can't get to a pool for a cooling center, Dr. Wardlaw also suggests going to the mall or a store to cool off. She also reminds people to leave a window open if you have a fan. For more resources, click here