Local Man Brings Marionettes to Life

Colmar, Pa. (WTXF) A local man has a gift of making marionettes. As photojournalist Bill Rohrer shows us with every string and every tool they really do seem to come to life.

Tucked away in his marionette workshop-- Joe Cashore masters the art of life. Most of Joe's marionettes have at least 20 strings controlling the legs, head and arms. Joe first started making marionettes when he was 11.

He says getting the marionettes to look life-like is always a challenge so he developed his own controls.

"I don't know anyone doing it just like this" Joe told FOX 29.

According to Joe, controlling them is equal to playing a musical instrument.

"I started to look at my hand and I thought I wanted to make this so I can reach every string that I have to and try to have my hand fit into the control," he explained.

Joe Cashore travels around the country performing.

"The themes in the show are universal. They connect with anybody," Joe said.

Each performance is based from life experience.

"It is all based on observation. If I see something in my daily life that I think that would make a good marionette piece. I make it," he said.

No matter what Joe decides to bring to life--the detail is amazing.