Local mom starts 'The Mustard Challenge' to help fight childhood cancer

A beautiful little girl put up quite a fight against childhood cancer. The deadly disease eventually took her from her heartbroken family and even though the 11-year-old from Media has passed on she's having a big impact in the fight for a cure. Her mom is starting a movement she hopes will go viral. She also hopes to ensure better cancer treatments for kids.

Naya Summy was fearless. The 6th grader was smart and sassy, kind and compassionate. Her smile was contagious even after developing brain cancer. She never let it get her down.

"She was determined to live life. That was just who she was," her mother, Amy, told FOX 29.

Naya made a video to raise awareness about childhood cancer and give other kids hope.

"You have to find things to do to keep you enjoying each day. You have do things to just make you happy."

The shining star was just 9 years old when her family got the horrible news. She endured two brain surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy. She lost her battle in 2014 but Naya made her mother promise to keep fighting to find a cure for kids.

"She said, 'Mom, if I don't make it, I really want you to change this. I want you to end cancer.'"

Naya's family started a foundation in 2015 'No More Kids with Cancer.' They are now launching 'The Mustard Challenge' to highlight the need for better treatments for children and fund cutting edge research. So why mustard?

"In the journey we went through with Naya, it really struck us that the toxicity of the drugs was really high," her mom explained. "Some of these drugs are derived from the same chemicals as mustard gas."

This mom is daring people to eat a spoonful of mustard, challenge four friends, share their pictures on social media and donate at mustardchallenge.com.

"It's in honor of her and hopefully we'll raise a lot of money for kids," she said.

Amy says not a day goes by that she doesn't miss her baby but knows Naya would be proud and is always in her heart.

Naya is quite an inspiration, when she was alive her efforts raised $500,000 for pediatric cancer research. Her mom is hoping to raise millions in her memory and wipe out this killer.