Local Mother and City Biker Shares Her Story

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Every day there's a battle on our roads. A local mother shared a scary situation that happened to her while she was out biking with her children. She caught the incident on a GoPro camera.

Kate Mundie is a mom of two great boys, a cancer survivor and a city biker.

"It's an easy way to get around the city. I love doing it with my kids. We have a great conversations on the bike. We have a lot of fun," Kate told FOX 29.

It's how the kids get to school, and how she gets to work, biking helped her regain her strength and confidence after chemo.

"I felt like I had my life back. I felt so good to be back and well," she explained.

And then this happened: She's in the bike lane, pedaling up 11th Street with her kindergartner and 3rd grader. There was a man parked in the bike lane so she's had to go around.

Kate turns and looks behind her to make sure it's safe to pass. She sees a car in the distance, but has plenty of room and time to make her move. However, the driver of that red SUV rolls up beside her and unleashes a vile tirade. Kate caught the incident on GoPro.

"You have two kids and you pulled out without ever looking and you're proud of yourself," the driver said.

"It makes you feel awful. You feel abused. You're just out trying to get where you are trying to go with your family and it can wear you down. Incident's like that and it happens a lot," Kate explained.

Take a look around the city has change biking is up 260 percent in the last 10 years. Racks are jammed and all over.

Randy Lograsso from the Bicycle Coalition says one big problem is people don't know the rules have changed. You've got to have four feet to pass a biker in Pennsylvania. It's the law; 250 of these signs are going up right now all over Montgomery County. Our whole region is adjusting to the biking boom.

Philly is now the top big city for bike commuting. The Blue Indego Bike Share Program just launched 6 months ago and exploded.

"We're over 300,000 rides on Indego, which is a stunning statistic," said Denise Goren with the City of Philadelphia.