Local organizations gather to support Philadelphia neighborhoods impacted by crime

Local organizations took to the streets in a Philadelphia neighborhood impacted by gun violence to share resources and information to help youth and families.

Sister Taleah, founder of the City of Dreams Coalition and the Social Music Movement, assembled a grassroots organization to visit two areas of Germantown Tuesday night. 

"Providing real resources, really engaging with the community," Sister Taleah said.

Lead by a drum line, organizers armed with information went door-to-door with youth programs and other family support services. 

Sister Taleah participated in the march a week after her 24-year-old nephew Jami "Mooshy" Lee was shot to death in Philadelphia's Wynnefield section. 


"It hit different, it hit different," Sister Taleah said. "I had to take a look at myself, like, am I doing enough? That's my own nephew."

Meanwhile, Founder of non-profit ‘As I Plant This Seed’ Ryan Harris was there to support the movement. 

"It's important to make sure that these organizations are being seen and heard and that we fill up these free programs," Harris said. "We've been having free programing for the youth for atleast 2 1/2 years and we just want to be out here and make sure the youth know that they exist."

Zarinah Lomax, CEO of ‘Apologues Organization,' gives back to families of victims through art, with portraits of their loved one and forums to express their grief. 

"In this type of population they don't put this at our corners so to bring this to our corners is most important," Lomax said. "You have to go somewhere to get resources instead of them being brought to you."

Sister Taleah hopes families will take notice and help save youth. 

"Bring them to NOMO Foundation, bring them to Young Chances Foundation, bring them to Born Leaders and Family, bring them to Positive Choices and a whole lot of other grassroots organizations doing the work," Sister Taleah said.