Local school bus driver suspected of being drunk on the job

Was a school bus driver drunk while on the job? That's what police in Bucks County are looking into tonight. The driver for the Neshaminy School District was arrested yesterday.

"It just worries me because if somebody's not being responsible or can't control their actions from outside of work and they have to bring it to work knowing they have a ton of responsibility in the back that kind of worries me a little bit."

Roy Clark has kids in the Neshaminy School District. He's troubled by the news that a school bus driver was taken into custody suspected of DUI.

It all happened at Neshaminy High School Wednesday afternoon. Middletown Township Police say school officials called an officer when the bus driver looked intoxicated. The driver had kids on the bus but didn't leave the school. According to police, the driver struggled with a breath test and was taken to have his blood drawn.

The blood test results are not back yet.