Lotto Mystery: Powerball Ticket Worth Half a Billion Dollars Sold, but No One Has Claimed It

(INSIDE EDITION) - Crowds went wild at a California 7-Eleven store when it was learned that a winning ticket in the record $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot was sold there.

Now, six months later, there's a major mystery because the person who bought that ticket in the Chino Hills store has not come forward to claim their $500 million prize.

Sonia Atwal, whose father owns the store, is at a loss why the winner has not come forward.

"People come in and say something weird and you're like 'are you the winner? Are you just dropping in to say hello?' I don't know, but we have no idea," she said.

The biggest clue to the winner may be from the security cameras stationed throughout the store.

Lottery officials say they are holding on to that footage in case someone comes forward or claims their winning ticket was lost or destroyed.

Having studied the surveillance footage, lottery officials have zeroed in on about three dozen possible winners.

So why not just release the footage to the public?

Alex Traverso, a spokesperson for the California Lottery, told Inside Edition: "We don't want to open ourselves up to, 'hey, this kind of looks like me, maybe I should go in and file a claim,' because that would just open our staff up to a lot of unnecessary work."

Two of the three winners have already come forward -- a family from Tennessee and a Florida couple.

So the question is did the California winner lose his or her ticket? If the ticket is lost, the winner can still collect.

"You're going to be the subject of an investigation, you will have to file a claim answers you will have to answer every pain staking detail about when you bought the ticket, where," Traverso said.

Atwalk said: "I wish the person would come in so we would know and we could congratulate them but hopefully they can come forward soon."