Louisiana community joins together to celebrate 7-year-old's brain cancer fight

A Louisiana community bands together in a heartwarming fashion to celebrate a seven-year-old girl and her fight against an inoperable brain tumor.

Little Katie Joyce recently returned from a trip to Florida and was met with a huge show of love and support from friends, family, and other well-wishers.

Hundreds lined the streets as a police escort and limousine carted Katie from the airport to her home in Monroe, Louisiana.

The mayor of the city even named August 19 "Katie Joyce Day."

Katie's father, Jeff Joyce, is a judge in Monroe and he was full of emotion at the scene.

"Seeing it all come together tonight is an amazing thing. Anyone who thinks we live in a bad community should come see the good things that happen here, because plenty of good things happen in Monroe and plenty of good people live in Monroe," Joyce said.

"She is going to Texas Children's Hospital tomorrow, to try to see another doctor, to see if there are other opinions we can get. And we sent all of her other records to several other facilities as well."

When she was just about two-years-old, Katie had surgery to remove the tumor. Unfortunately, it recently came back.