Lower Southampton police crackdown on ATV and dirt bike riders

A warning for parents--if your teen is out causing trouble on an ATV you could pay the price with a hefty fine. It's a problem around the area as soon as the weather gets warmer.

Lower Southampton police want residents to take a good look at the young men pictured astride A ATVs and dirt bikes. They'd like the names of the kids and even their parents to save lives.

"We have them driving in and out of traffic going in between cars. We don't want them getting hurt or injured of somebody getting hurt because of what they're doing," Southampton Police Lt. Lt. Mike Pennington.

The warmer weather brings birds, flowers and teens on ATVs.

Residents say they race through this Trevose neighborhood. Their engines revving--throwing caution to the wind.

"They're dangerous. They're dangerous. Somebody is going to get hurt. You see them on Street Road and back in our neighborhood. Somebody's going to get hurt," Trevose resident Katie Dugan said.

Police say the riders are often unlicensed, unregistered and recklessly moving on township roads On Lower Southampton's police website, fines are listed at 200 bucks and climb.

According to police, they'll go after the owners as well.

"We can cite the parents if they own the quad," Lt. Pennington said.

ATVs and dirt bikes on public roads are a problem across the region. FOX 29 has exposed the daredevil riders performing tricks on city streets.

Last year in Bensalem a 13-year-old was killed, his friend injured when struck while riding on a public road.

Lower Southampton police say their goal is not to hammer kids making stupid mistakes, but to keep them alive.

"We're trying to make the road safer for residents--it's a quality of life issue for the people who have to deal with them on their streets," Lt. Pennington said.