Mailman Takes Detour From Scheduled Route to Pet Neighborhood German Shepherd

(INSIDE EDITION) Like a cat and mouse, the neighborhood dog and the mailman are sworn enemies -- but here's a scenario where the postal worker chases the pooch.

A New Zealand mailman was captured on camera taking a detour from his route, and saying 'hello' to a 9-month-old German shepherd in a home's backyard.

Dog owner Michael Collins of Tauranga wrote on Facebook that no matter the mailman's scheduled route, he always makes it a point to pause at his suburban home for some quality time with his pup, Kyza.

So earlier this week, he made sure he had his phone ready to capture the moment the anonymous mailman hopped off his bike to meet the German Shepherd with head rubs and kisses.

Kyza, who appeared to already be waiting for the mailman, can be seen hopping up on the fence and wagging his tail in content.

"[Kyza] always gets over looked as a dangerous or unapproachable dog," Collins wrote. "Maybe cause he's big, I am not sure."

But, Kyza hardly barks at people, and never at the friendly mailman.

"You've definitely got a friend waiting for ya," Collins said.