Man accused of shooting another man at charity boxing event

Gunfire rang out at an event packed with kids, sending families running for safe cover. It all happened at a charity boxing match.

A man is accused of shooting another man inside the Pennsbury Racquet and Athletic Club. It's a brazen crime, say police, to happen in such a public place.

"All the kids here were crying, hysterical crying. Kids were crying. Adults were crying. It was insane," said Brad Werner.

The owner of the Pennsbury Racquet and Athletic Club, Werner was describing the chaos. Just moments earlier, a charity boxing event was set to begin, featuring children as young as 8-years-old. This was a well-promoted fundraiser for the Bensalem Gymnastics Team.

"It was to raise money. It was all for good. It was a family event. A lot of families were here.

More than a hundred people were there for fun. Then, suddenly, in the hallway just outside the gym, Werner explains the turn of events.

"We heard this really loud bang. At first I thought it was an amplifier from the music. I had no idea. People started screaming and running and going crazy. Then we heard somebody's got a gun, and somebody is down on the floor," Werner said.

Falls Township Police say 33-year-old Luis Medina, with ties to Camden and Burlington Counties, allegedly fired the shot at the ex-husband of his former girlfriend.

"He just went to go shake his hand in a cordial way and it was met with a slap of the hand away and that's where words were exchanged," said Detective Stephen Reeves of the Falls Township Police Department.

Then a handgun pulled, with the ex-husband shot once in the back. He was there to watch his young son the boxing ring. At least a dozen people were in that narrow hallway when the shot was fired.

"Obviously, people were scared. We had people who climbed underneath the boxing ring. We had other people run into other rooms and locked themselves in," Det. Reeves explained.

The suspect took off.

Pennsbury Racquet Club is child-focused, with indoor soccer, summer camps, junior tennis. Saturday night's charity event abruptly canceled because of what police say was a domestic dispute with an armed man, who didn't seem to care that he was surrounded by children.

Detective Reeves stated, "I've never seen anything like it."

Authorities say Medina turned himself into detectives at Falls Township Police Department Monday afternoon. Bail was set at $200,000.00 in lieu of 10%. He was remanded to Bucks County Correctional Facility.