Man charged with ambushing Philadelphia police officer found guilty

Guilty is the verdict for the man charged with ambushing a Philadelphia police officer and invoking the name of "ISIS."

Officer Jesse Hartnett says the outcome was what he expected. Now he wants to focus on getting back to the job he loves.

"I'm trying my absolute best to get back something that was taken away from me," Officer Jesse Hartnett said.

Hartnett left court February 1 feeling hopeful, after a jury convicted the man who shot him. They found Edward Archer guilty of aggravated assault and other charges.

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"I knew what the outcome was going to be. It was a matter of whether the jury felt the same way," Hartnett explained.

Leaving the Criminal Justice Center, Officer Hartnett told reporters he's still recovering from a broken arm and nerve damage he suffered.

"Physically, of course, I have some limitations I'm working on. I still have physical therapy," Hartnett said.

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During the trial, the jury watched that cringing surveillance video showing Archer walk up to Hartnett's patrol car and fire on him. Hartnett, wounded, managed to open the door and fire back. He even followed Archer on foot as officers moved in to arrest him.
"I have an extreme passion for the job. This is something I've always wanted to do. I can remember being a small child and thinking I want to be a police officer," Hartnett explained.

Archer's court appointed defense attorney says Archer was paranoid and barely communicated with him.

"He has a history of paranoid schizophrenia in his family and I tried to have a judge declare him incompetent because he was unable to cooperate with me. He believed that I was trying to brainwash his family," said Defense Attorney Trevan Borum

Hartnett is glad it's over and just wants to get back to his life.

"Finally it's a nice step to be done and I can't wait to move forward," Hartnett said.

Officer Hartnett says he's looking forward to sentencing and finding out how much time Archer will get.

There are no details when Archer will be sentenced.