Man charged with voter fraud accused of filling out absentee ballot for deceased individual

Authorities say a Collingdale man has been charged with voter fraud after he allegedly filled out an absentee ballot for deceased individual.

Harry Sandoe Maxwell, Jr., 79, of the 100 block of Lafayette Avenue in Collingdale, surrendered to authorities on November 19 on voter fraud charges, including forgery, tampering with records, conspiracy, and violations of the elections code, all first-degree misdemeanor charges.

According to authorities, the Delaware County Bureau of Elections reported that their office received an application for an absentee ballot in October for the General Election on November 6 for an individual who was deceased. Detectives confirmed with the Bucks County Coroner that the individual had passed away on April 23, 2017.

Investigators say the address on the absentee ballot application was listed as an address on the 100 block of Lafayette Avenue in Collingdale, which was owned by Harry S. Maxwell, Jr.

Authorities say Maxwell told detectives "That's me, I'm guilty, I had someone sign the name." He then provided detectives with an audio recorded statement in which he stated that he routinely picks-up "girls" in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia and brings them back to his residence for the purpose of obtaining absentee ballot signatures from them, the DA said. He also told them that one of the women that he brought back to his apartment, known only to him as Brooke, signed the name of the deceased individual on the absentee ballot application at his request, according to investigators.