Man runs through 50 states in 50 days to raise awareness for mental health

How long would you run to raise awareness for something you feel strongly about? Well, one man is running in every state. He's running all 50 states in 50 days.

"Yes, it's difficult--it's challenging--but it's not as challenging as having mental illness," Dr. Adel Korkor. with the Five Fifty Fifty Foundation said.

This is day 35 of running consecutive 5K events for Dr. Korkor.

"I felt I could run a 5K and the fact that mental health is so common I should do it all over the country. I could run a 5K in all 50 states and the fact that it's an urgent matter--I should do it in 50 days," he explained.

And that's exactly what this Wisconsin doctor has been doing--organizing 5K events and running with those who sign up and make a donation to his foundation to raise money and awareness for mental health problems.

Dr. Korkor had a bout with anxiety 25 years ago and started running.

"Running save my life it allowed me to deal with anxiety and allowed me to control the symptoms whenever I was anxious or stressed I would go for a run," he said.

When he stopped practicing, he decided to devote his life to mental health awareness.

Dr. Korkor will finish the 50 days of running on June 23. He has run with a thousand participants so far. Dr. Korkor has a connection to Philly, he did a residency at Hahnemann University Hospital.