Man sentenced to 33-100 years in shooting of Folcroft officer

A man convicted of shooting a Folcroft Police officer seven times has been sentenced to prison.

Donte Island was sentenced to 33-100 years in prison more than a year after he shot Officer Christopher Dorman 7 times.

Last June, residents at an apartment building had reported others smoking marijuana and dealing drugs in the area. Officer Dorman was the first to respond to the scene. When he approached the suspects, Island opened fire, striking Dorman 7 times.

Dorman was wearing a bullet proof vest that stopped four of the bullets from reaching his body. The other three bullets struck him in the face, leg, and ground. He was released from the hospital just three days after the shooting.

District Attorney Jack Whelan had previously described Island, 33, as a dangerous career criminal who had spent time in a federal prison.

Island could have received up to a 140 sentence, but the judge said he settled for 100 after taking Island's public apology to Dorman and his family into consideration during sentencing.