Man uses truck to ask for wife's kidney donation

(WJZY) - There's something about a truck. Harry Fero has been driving Ford trucks all of his life but the one he drives now is carrying a special story.

Harry's wife Charlene is battling Polycystic Kidney Disease, a painful kidney disease where cysts develop within kidneys. Without a proper kidney transplant, Charlene could die.

After not finding a donor for 13 months, Harry decided to take action.

Harry placed an ad on the back on his truck saying, "please, wife needs a kidney. Blood type B or O."

In two weeks, the Feros have already received seven calls from people asking to donate, but none have been matches.

"There's a lot of compassionate people in this world," Harry said. "If they see you in need and you ask in an appropriate manner, they'll help you out."

"Giving someone a chance at life is a wonderful feeling," Charlene said. "It has to be."

According to the Feros, both positive and negative blood types could work. While none of the seven have been matches, they're optimistic their sign will bring good- if not for Charlene, for another person needing a donation.

Harry and Charlene are asking anyone interested in donating to contact them at (704) 633- 9277 or (980) 234-8463.

According to Charlene, donors have to be healthy, with no high blood pressure. Those with a history of diabetes also cannot donate.