Man, with a child, allegedly attempts to shoplift in N.J.; threatens loss prevention officer

Walking through Kohl's with a kid? Nothing wrong with that.

But, when a man allegedly tried to steal things, then threatened to kill a security guard and he had a kid with him - that's when police had a problem.

With a little girl at his side, police say a would be shoplifter entered Kohl's Department store on Route 70 last Friday afternoon and proceeded to try to steal merchandise.

"That's absurd. That is actually crazy," said a shopper.

"It's despicable. It's clearly someone who, first of all, shouldn't be a parent, if that's their main motivation," said Luke Dreisbach.

"That has happened a lot. More frequently. More and more people do that," said Linda Davis.

Investigators say the girl is believed to be six or seven-years-old. The shoplifter was quickly confronted by a store loss prevention officer. That's when things got nasty and police say the shoplifter threatened to kill the officer if he took action.

"Using your child, your child is seven. They don't need to be involved in stuff like that. Get a job," added the first shopper.

"I would think child protection services needs to be definitely on the case and figure out who this guy is," said Dreisbach.

Investigators say a short time after the suspect fled the store with the child, he called Kohl's and asked for the loss prevention officer. Again, he threatened to kill him.

"Threatening somebody twice and deliberately. It's one thing to say 'I'll kill you.' But, to call back and say it?" Davis exclaimed.

Police released a series of photos of the suspect. They immediately began receiving tips. Investigators and shoppers believe the would be shoplifter's days as a free man could be numbered.

"Someone will see that and turn him in because of the child," said Davis.

"Hopefully that child and that family at least can get that child out of that situation. Not a situation a child needs to be in," Dreisbach said.

"A good parent I don't think would have done that," said the first shopper.