Masks optional for kids in camps, summer school in Montgomery County June 21

Life is returning to normal and people’s noses and mouths are beginning to emerge as more masks come off and, one county just said kids won’t have to wear them this summer.

Families out in force for some fun at South Ardmore Park. A perfect night for baseball and, with summer right around the corner, many parents are calling Montgomery County’s decision making masks optional for children attending summer camp or summer school a home run.

 "I do feel there’s a pretty low risk for young children, so I think it’s a positive," Noelle Burg said.

No argument from Burg’s six-year-old son Christian.

"I don’t like them when I’m outside because, if it’s hot, it makes me hotter," Christian stated.

The Montgomery County Office of Public Health announcing the policy begins Monday for vaccinated and unvaccinated children, based on the extraordinarily low number of COVID cases right now, in Montco.

"There’s such a low probability of catching an infection because of this low prevalence, that it is safe for people to get together without masks, at this point," Medical Director of Montgomery County Office of Public Health Dr. Richard Lorraine said.

10-year-old Amelia Davis starts camp next week and, both she and her dad see the new mask guidance as a sign things are starting to turn around.

"I’m very excited about it, because no one really wants to wear masks, so it’s kind of thrilling that we don’t have to," Amelia remarked.

"I mean, we were very diligent about the masks last summer and the kids were really remarkable," dad Justin Davis explained. "We’re optimistic already. We’re more optimistic now."



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