Mayfair Pizza vows to reopen after shooting during attempted robbery

Nearly two weeks after an attempted robbery and shooting of employees, Mayfair Pizza vows to reopen, but says it will take time.

Stacy Karasavas says Mayfair Pizza, the family-owned restaurant will remain closed for the unforeseeable future, but vow to reopen as soon as they are able to.

The doors shut almost two weeks ago after police say 19-year-old Kaleb Bridges attempted to rob the shop and shot both Stacy and her mother. Stacy, her father, and others jumped on top of Bridges and subdued him until police arrived.

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Miraculously, Stacy is physically okay and says her mom is home from the hospital, but has months of recovery ahead.

"It’s just horrible, like I said I’ve been here 27 years, I’m ready to move out of here," says Janet Gillich, a neighbor and family friend.

Business owners, neighbors and friends of the family stopped by the closed shop on Frankford Avenue Monday as the Interfaith Social Change Movement hosted a community meeting with Councilmember Mike Driscoll and Mayoral Candidate Allan Domb outside the restaurant.


Minister Steven Robinson outlined a ten-point action agenda they recently presented to city council to target city violence.

"We’re calling for parental accountability for every parent and guardian throughout the city to be held accountable for the conduct of their young people," he says.

Some even walked away from the brief press conference feeling the same frustration that they felt the night of the crime.

"This is a public relations stunt that’s all it is, this should’ve been over a week ago, where’s the questions, where’s the outrage?" says Jen Fischer, a neighbor and loyal customer. "Mayfair was a place to raise your kids, Mayfair has always been a community that people want to be in but not anymore, people are leaving, people are scared."

Stacy was not ready for an interview but accepted hugs and well wishes from her community. Neighbors and friends vowed to be there when they feel ready to reopen their doors.

"If they need help behind that counter those first couple of nights, I’m there helping them, my kids are there helping them," says Gillich.

Bridges was charged with attempted murder among other crimes for the attempted robbery and shooting. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Friday.