Meat and cheese left behind on greased pole weeks after South Philly's Italian Market Festival

You know the saying "It's a Philly Thing?" This is exactly what they are talking about!

South Philadelphia's Italian Market Festival wrapped up almost four weeks ago, but the meat and cheese from the greased pole tradition remain hanging at the top.

Every year, people attempt the climb to the top in a competition to remove everything from money to Italian meats.

However, not everything was retrieved this year - and event organizers forgot to remove the leftovers!


FOX 29's Hank Flynn journeyed over to South Philly to check it out on Wednesday.

So what exactly was left behind? No gift cards or money, but some salami and cheese from Di Bruno's, along with a Deer Park water bottle, were spotted at the top.

And despite hanging around for weeks in the heat, Hank says there is no detectable smell in the area.

Luckily, a lift is set to come get it all down in the next couple of days!