Meet the Dog Who Was Allergic to Humans & the 2 Women Who Saved Him

(WTXF)- Can you imagine your beloved dog becoming allergic to you?

On "Fox and Friends," we heard about the rare and almost-fatal condition that affected a two-year-old black lab mix named Adam.

His owner, Beth Weber, and Robin Herman, of the Lucky Dog Retreat in Indianapolis, said Adam was in pretty bad shape when he was rescued last July.

He was at a local pound and faced the prospect of being euthanized.

His condition continued to deteriorate for months, as Adam lost hair and was full of "pus and blood."

He was quarantined at first, only having contact with Herman and Weber, as they tried to figure out what was wrong with him.

Veterinarians finally determined that Adam was suffering from an autoimmune disease that triggered an allergic reaction to almost everything he encountered, including human dander.

Herman said she thought the vet "was kidding" when she said Adam was allergic to humans.

"His immune system was so low, he just couldn't fight off any of the allergies. He was almost becoming allergic to everything, including himself," she said.

As you can see in the interview above, Adam has been nursed back to health over the past year thanks to these women going the extra mile for him.

They say Adam is now just a regular dog again, a "big goofball."

If you want to help the Lucky Dog Retreat to save more dogs like Adam, you can make a donation on their website.

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