Millville a step closer to getting "ShotSpotter"

It's the vote Millville parents wanted to hear. City Commissioners passed a resolution for a service called "ShotSpotter" asking the Cumberland County Freeholders to pay for it. It detects where gun shots are fired with the hopes of getting police there fast. But before the vote Commissioners were divided.

"Would I pay for it out of our budget? If we could afford it yes I would but we simply cannot," said Commissioner Joseph Sooy. Mayor Michael Santiago said he disagrees. "I think that this is our problem. I think we should pull our pants up and deal with this problem. As a Public Safety Director we have a very competent Police Department," he said.

Residents were encouraged by the vote but say they're not optimistic the county will give up the money.

Tim Carty brought the ShotSpotter idea to officials but he's upset the process is taking so long.

"Nothing is getting better in this city. It's getting worse. 6:00 this morning on High Street three shots rang out. Three shots and one person called," he said. Carty also feels City Commissioners aren't completely committed to the idea.

"We might as well go to Lowe's. Commissioner Sooy get our Public Works guys to get the biggest chains and lock up these doors and them doors and just really give the criminals the keys because that's what they got right now," said Carty.

Angel Broomhall feels money shouldn't be an issue with all the violence plaguing the city.

"We have drive by shootings while kids are heading to get candy and soda from the 7-11," said Broomhall.

"ShotSpotter will go in a direction that will reverse that tide and it will help us take our city back," said Robert Barrett.

Broomhall says if the county doesn't cover shot spotter she's willing to pay higher taxes to get it.

"I can't afford to lose my child but I can afford a few extra bucks," said Broomhall.

ShotSpotter would be installed in areas of the city that have had serious or persistent violent crime for a period of three years.