Minneapolis City Council committee moves forward with amendment to replace police department

A Minneapolis City Council committee pushed forward on Wednesday with a measure that would give the voters power to replace the city police department.

The amendment proposed and submitted by the advocacy group "Yes 4 Minneapolis Committee" calls for public safety to have a "comprehensive public health approach" but does not explain what that means.

Under the plan, the police department would be replaced in the charter with a public safety department but doesn't outline how the department will work or be structured.

"I am persuaded that this is not going to get better with another two weeks," said Councilmember Steve Fletcher. "I'm persuaded that this language is a version of describing the intention of the petitioner and 20,000 people who signed the petition saying they want to create a significant change and that we should put it on the ballot. So I'm going to go ahead and move for approval of language as is."

The amendment was approved by the policy and government oversight committee by a vote of 11 to 2. It will now head to the full council for a vote.

If approved by the council, it will be included on the general election ballot in November.