Minor earthquake felt in Lancaster County

There are reports of a minor earthquake happening in Lancaster County, Sunday afternoon.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, it happened before 2pm, just less than 2 miles east-southeast of Millersville.

It had a magnitude of 2.3 and its depth was 5.0 km.

FOX 29 News has been checking Twitter and found reports coming in at 1:53pm. The users and their responses included phrases such as:

--"either an explosion or earthquake"
--"Seemed like an explosion"
--"We just know it was loud and all of our houses shook."
--"We just felt it too!"
--"Literally pretty sure it was an earthquake....so scary!"
--"Super scary"
--"Glad I'm not the only that thought that!!"

According to the USGS map, shaking would be in the light category with no damage -- which is more powerful than weak or not felt.

Click here for more scientific details from the USGS.