Mom in Custody Battle After Illegal Use Of Marijuana Infused Tea During Pregnancy

LORAIN, OH- A Lorain, Ohio mother who used medicinal marijuana tea to treat severe pain and nausea during pregnancy is fighting for the return of her 6-week-old daughter after the baby was taken into emergency custody by the courts.

On Tuesday, Hollie Sanford attended her 6-week post pregnancy medical checkup without baby, Nova. Sanford says that she began suffering from severe nausea and debilitating nerve pain during her pregnancy.

Doctors recommended opiates but Sanford said she wanted to research other options that she felt would be 'less harmful' for her unborn child. Sanford reported pain and nausea relief from using the tea, but acknowledges that medicinal marijuana is not legal in the state of Ohio.

'I understand that I broke the law,' she told 'I will do the drug testing, the AA treatments, anything. She did not need to leave my care. I am a good mom.'

She gave birth to a baby girl named Nova on September 26. According to court documents, the baby was considered 'very healthy at birth' and there was 'no evidence that the child suffered from withdrawal due to the exposure.'

Sanford's attorney, Joseph Jacobs, says the child was drug tested without the family's knowledge. A urine sample came back clean but traces of a marijuana bi-product were found in the baby's meconium stool. According to court documents, the Cuyahoga County division of children and family services was notified.

On October 9th, CCFCFS filed a complaint alleging that the child abuse and an emergency custody hearing was held on October 15th. Magistrate Eleanore Hilow ordered that baby Nova be taken into emergency custody of the agency on October 21st.

Medicinal marijuana is currently legal in 23 states and the District of Columbia.