Mom Who Performed Handstands While Pregnant Introduces Her Healthy Babies

INSIDE EDITION-A gymnast has caused quite a stir doing handstands while seven months pregnant.

Julia Sharpe was pregnant with twins when she posted a video on Facebook, showing her doing handstands and working out on parallel bars, as well as doing push-ups.

Some people were dismayed. "It's all fun until you land on your stomach," read one snarky Internet comment.

So how did it all turn out? Her beautiful twin boys are eight months old now, and perfectly healthy.

She said the twins were never in danger. "I was super careful to talk to doctors to make sure what I was doing was okay," she said.

Sharpe is a mechanical engineer and a competitive gymnast. When she became pregnant, she continued to train.

"It's something that was really natural to me. I've been doing it all my life. I knew that I was safe and comfortable. I didn't feel weird at all," she said.

Sharpe and her husband made another amazing video while she was pregnant. It shows her doing a cartwheel, shot over 9 months, from conception to birth.

Now the babies come to the gym, too - and already they're learning some pretty cool balancing acts - just like mom.