More arrests made in assault, robbery of off-duty Philadelphia police officer

A 9-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department was robbed of his personal firearm during an assault this past weekend.

Cian Dennis, 23, and Khamil Brown, 24, have been arrested and charged for their role in an incident that began as an officer was driving home on Sunday.

The officer, identified as 42-year-old Eric Rodriguez, honked his horn after waiting through several red lights on Oxford Street.

Police say that's when Dennis, known as "Duke," punched the officer in the face as he sat in his vehicle.

Rodriguez got out of his vehicle, and identified himself as a police officer while Dennis held a firearm at his side.

A struggle ensued moments before police say a second armed man, Yusef Coleman, placed the officer in a headlock.


Suspect charged in assault of off-duty Philadelphia police officer

A man accused of putting an off-duty Philadelphia police officer in a headlock during a traffic dispute turned brawl was charged Tuesday.

Police say Rodrigues discharged Coleman's weapon during the assault, but didn't hit anyone.

The struggle came to an end when Dennis held the officer at gun point, demanding he release the weapon.

Multiple assailants then beat the officer, and stole his personal weapon, according to authorities.

Philadelphia launched a search for several suspects, asking for the public's help to identify them.


Police searching for suspect accused of assaulting off-duty officer in Philadelphia

Investigators in Philadelphia are searching for a suspect accused of assaulting an off-duty officer during a traffic argument turned melee last weekend.

Coleman was arrested Monday, and charged with criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault, assault of a law enforcement officer, robbery, theft by unlawful taking, violation of the Uniform Firearms Act, and related offenses.

Dennis surrendered to police on Tuesday, while Brown was arrested on Wednesday. Both are charged with Criminal Conspiracy, Aggravated Assault, Robbery, Theft by Unlawful Taking, and related charges.

Rodriguez was treated for a black eye, facial bruises, and a leg injury sustained when he was struck by the fleeing vehicle. He will be placed on administrative leave once he recovers from his injuries pending an investigation.