Vendors reopen at Reading Terminal Market after power outage

An unexpected electrical issue at Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market caused dozens of vendors to close shop on Thursday. 

A corner of the market went dark around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday and impacted 22 small businesses. Spokesman Kevin Feeley said an "electrical outage" within the century-old building was to blame. 

"Reading Terminal Market is not a new building, it's 130-years-old, some of the major systems in the market are 45-50-years-old, it's not a complaint, but it's just the way things are," Feeley said. 

The following businesses were impacted by the day-long electrical issue: 

  • Butcher's Pantry
  • By George Pizza, Pasta & Cheesesteaks
  • Contessa's French Linens
  • DiNic's
  • Down Home Diner
  • Downtown Cheese
  • Famous 4th Street Cookie Company
  • Kismet Bialys
  • Little Marrakesh Bazaar
  • Little Thai Market
  • Ma Lessie's Chicken & Waffles
  • Market Bakery
  • Mueller Chocolate Company
  • O.K. Producer
  • Old City Coffee (main)
  • Pearl's Oyster Bar
  • Profi's Creperie
  • Really Real Ginger
  • Sang Kee Peking Duck
  • Sweet Nina's
  • Tea Leaf
  • Termini Brothers Bakery

OK Produce managed to keep itself in business by using a power cord attached to a neighboring business. Most, however, were forced to close on Thursday and will likely have to throw away refrigerated items.

"Nobody wants to waste food whether the insurance covers it or not," said Rob Passion, owner of Owns Giunta's Prime Shop and Butcher Pantry. He offered ice to fellow merchants who were trying to preserve food. 

"We like to say that Reading Terminal Market’s a family and in times of crisis you find out that it really is," Feeley said. 

By late-afternoon, a spokesperson for Reading Terminal Market told FOX 29's Kelly Rule that the necessary electrical work has been completed, and businesses will be able to reopen on Friday. 

"Tomorrow’s going to be a struggle, for sure, trying to set back up, cook everything, cook stuff, start from scratch it’s like grand opening all over again and we just opened 2 months ago," Passio said.

Later in the evening, the market announced power was restored and all stores would be open Friday.