Mother and Son Accused of Selling Drugs

Radnor, Pa.- (WTXF) When it came to allegedly dealing drugs in a Main Line neighborhood, police say, it was truly a family affair. A mother and son now stand charged with possessing and peddling marijuana, heroin and prescription drugs from a home, according to investigators.

"The mother and son, from that residence, were selling to our undercover officers as well as residents of that area and local college students," investigators said.

Police say they arrested 53-year-old Joann Badey, her 24-year-old son George and 24-year-old Jean Boller.

There are Boy Scout signs outside the home and indications that a local Cub Scout pack met there. Police say undercover officers made several buys from the home. Inside they found a pound of marijuana valued at $4,000, heroin, $800 in cash and prescription pills, according to investigators. Police got several tips that the drug sales there were constant.

"They got a delivery. It was fairly frequent, once or twice a week, they would become what we call "heavy", meaning they had a lot of product at the property," investigators said in a press conference on Monday.

Neighbors on the block were reluctant to talk Monday night. Police say the location was apparently well- known in the area. Once detectives conducted surveillance at the residence, the case came together quckly.

Both the mother and son have been released on bail. Police are now trying to determine how the drugs were allegedly transported to the home and if drug sales were being conducted at other locations.