Mother marks painful anniversary of deadly hit and run

Sharon McCarter made the painful journey from Virginia to a Cobb County intersection once a year to read a letter.

"To the person who hit my son and then left him to be hit again by a truck pulling a boat, it has been 9 years since your cowardly act caused the death of my son," McCarter read.

Charlie Jones, III, was 23 years old when he was struck and killed here at the corner of Piedmont Road and Rio Montana Drive near Marietta. It was January 24, 2009, one day after his mother's birthday.

"The pain doesn't go away. It's been 9 years and my pain is still very deep," McCarter said.

Cobb County Police said the second driver who accidentally hit Jones stayed on the scene, but there are still no answers about the first driver of a Nissan Maxima who made the initial impact and then, just kept going.

"I still wonder if you think about it and how you can live with yourself," said McCarter.

McCarter said living without her son has been hard, but living without justice for him is even harder. This is why his mother said she'll keep coming back to this intersection where he took his last breath every year.

"I hope the person who did this thinks about me on this day and if there is any media coverage and they see me and they see my pain, maybe someone who knows them would come forward," said McCarter.