Mourners remember grandmother and children killed in North Philadelphia fire

Neighbors are lighting candles to remember a grandmother and her two grandchildren killed in a fire in North Philadelphia. Fire officials say it's too early to tell what caused the fire. FOX 29's Jeff Cole spoke with a family member Tuesday.

On Saturday morning, the three-story house at the corner of N. 6th Street and Montgomery Avenue was engulfed in flames. The victims were 9-year-old Pruedence, who was taken to a hospital but didn't make it. The others -- 7-year-old Dean and the children's 52-year-old grandmother, Monique "Nicki" Figueroa -- were not found until it was too late. The kids' mother and her boyfriend managed to escape.

Flames engulfed the 3-story brick just before 5 a.m. Neighbors say the childrens' mother--who also lived here--jumped out a back window to escape.

Late morning, and Guillory's--father 80-year-old Paul--said he wanted to show FOX 29 something He walked Cole over to what looks to be a gas can up against a side wall of the burned structure with two charred boards covering it. He says he has never seen the can before.

Guillory--who says he's here all the time to work in a side lot--says he fears someone set the fire which claimed his daughter and great-grandchildren. He also talks of a fight out front or the home the night before.

FOX 29 ran Guillory's claims past the city's fire commissioner and showed him a picture of that gas can. He says it's far too early to say what caused this deadly inferno.

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