Multiple people injured in crash outside Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Multiple people were injured in a crash outside Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Center City. 

It happened around 4 p.m. Friday

"I’ve never seen anything like it. It was pretty bad I pray everybody involved is going to be ok," witness Patrick DeMarco told FOX 29.

People like DeMarco stopped in their tracks after seeing the horrific aftermath of a crash that injured six people. Police say the driver of a Dodge Challenger jumped a curb on South 10th Street near Sansom and plowed into three women standing on the sidewalk across the street from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Police tell FOX 29 a 39-year-old and a 51-year-old are in critical condition.  A 64-year-old woman is extremely critical.  

"Jefferson Hospital staff jumped into action. They sprung into action, quickly brought out stretches," Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said.

Police say the 68-year-old driver kept his foot on the gas, continuing south when he slammed into a Nissan Rogue with a family inside. Investigators tell us the three adults are going to be ok.  The driver of the Challenger was taken into Jefferson in stable condition.  Demarco says his relaxed demeanor after hitting six people seemed a little off and reported his account to accident investigators. 

"A little too calm for my liking," DeMarco said.

Police will be collecting evidence into the night, actively pursuing a search warrant to get the driver’s blood drawn.

"Accident investigators got initial information that 68-year-old male may have taken medical marijuana earlier in the day," Small said.

The investigation is ongoing.