Mystery solved after strange noises reported in Salem County for months

The mystery behind loud music and noises bothering residents along the Delaware River has finally been solved. It's all thanks to a local police chief who took it upon himself to hit the road and track down the source.

"I just had to say enough was enough," said Penns Grove Police Chief John Stranahan.

Chief Stranahan became a man on a mission on Christmas, taking precious time away from his family to stop a nuisance.

"Considering it was Christmas Eve, there are plenty of people who wanted to get their kids to bed and be prepared for Christmas morning. It was quite annoying," Chief Stranahan stated.

That annoyance was a booming, pulsating noise coming from across the Delaware River rattling the nerves of residents in Penns Grove, Pennsville and neighboring South Jersey towns for months. FOX 29 first covered the noise around Halloween.

Chief Stranahan says things reached a head when being advised of endless 911 calls.

"I could tell by the dispatcher's voice that people were getting upset and frustrated," Stranahan added.

Sick of the problem himself, he drove over to Wilmington around 12:30 a.m. on Christmas. Stranahan let his ears be his guide until the noise took him to a desolate lot and the source of what he called a Spanish style of music.

"You could tell that they had a huge sound system in two of the vehicles. Four all together with six or eight folks out there," Stranahan explained.

The chief said he wanted to tell them to turn it down, but they bailed.

"Immediately, they noticed it was a police vehicle and packed up and took off," Stranahan said.

There has not been a problem since.

"I don't think that there was any malintent here," Stranahan said. "I think they were just facing our direction and, unfortunately, it's traveling straight across the water."