N.J. woman convicted in texting-while-driving case

A New Jersey woman has been convicted of vehicular homicide in the death of a pedestrian that prosecutors said occurred as the driver was texting, an accusation the defendant denied on the stand.

Monmouth County prosecutors said 50-year-old Alexandra Mansonet rear-ended another car that struck 39-yearold Yuwen Wang as she was crossing a street in Hazlet in September 2016. Wang died five days later.

Prosecutors argued that Mansonet was distracted by a text about dinner plans in New York City. Mansonet said she read the message before leaving. She said she was looking down to turn on her rear defogger before striking the car. Prosecutors questioned why the text was unanswered, although the letters "M" and "e" were typed.

Defense attorney Steven Altman said he was disappointed by the verdict.