NASA astronaut Christina Koch talks about record 328 days in space

A dream come true and a new space record set. Michigan native turned Galveston transplant Christina Koch has completed the longest mission ever by a woman, for a single space flight.

There probably isn’t anybody who wouldn’t want to take a trip into outer space, but we are sure many wouldn’t want to spend 328 days there! That is how long Christina Koch spent completing a mission aboard the International Space Station. She spoke with us about the great moments she had, and how she stayed focused.

“One thing that I learned during both deployments in Antarctica and on the space station was to constantly focus on the things you have that you will never have again, rather than the things you don’t have," she said.

Koch made it back safely to Earth last Thursday. She says she is still overwhelmed by her senses since being back from space but is very happy to be home.

“The first thing that I did after I went home was to reunite with my dog, which was wonderful. She was very excited, and then we took a family trip to the beach," she says.

While in space, Christina took part in several experiments, where researchers observed the effects of long-duration space flight on a woman. We are told this will benefit the agency’s plans to land the first woman on the moon.

Christina was asked about her chances of being that woman.

“I like to say that I am just excited that I will probably know the first woman and the next man to walk on the surface of the moon, but any of us would be ready and honored to accept that mission if it were offered to us," she responded.

This was Christina’s first flight into space. While spending 11 months on orbit she participated in six spacewalks, including the first one to have all female astronauts. She says she’s grateful for those who paved the way for her and realizes that somewhere out there is a young girl wanting to make the same accomplishments.

“My main message to anyone who has a dream is to follow your passion. Be true to yourself, do what you love, and live the life that you have imagined for yourself," she said.

Besides muscle soreness and regaining her balance, Christina is adjusting well to life back on Earth. 

You can check out more information about Christina’s mission here.