Navy crew rescues injured skier from Washington's Mt. Baker

Skiing down a mountain isn't as easy as it looks for non-experts.

Luckily, for a 58-year-old Canadian man, a U.S. Navy helicopter lowered a rescuer down to rescue him in a dramatic fashion, and he'll live to tell about it.

Sunday, the skier fell into a deep crevasse at more than 8,000 feet up Mount Baker, Washington.

His climbing party was able to get him out of the crevasse, but they were not able to move him any further.

Watch as a Naval helicopter lowered a rescuer down to examine the man, identified as Ronald Veperts. Then, the hero hoisted the victim aboard the chopper.

Veperts suffered head, chest and spine injuries, and was taken to a hospital in Bellingham.

This was reportedly at least the third incident in the North Cascades and the second Naval rescue on Mount Baker in two weeks.