Navy's Goat is Healthy For Army-Navy Game, Thanks to Penn Doctors

Bill 36 is an 18-month-old goat who is one of this year's new mascots for the Naval Academy's football team.

Earlier this year, Bill suffered a pair of medical emergencies- first a case of urolithiasis in September that required surgery, and later azalea poisoning in November. The trouble in September began the day Bill 36 was introduced before the Commandant of Midshipmen.

Both times, the goat was taken from his home in Maryland to Penn Vet's New Bolton Center, where he was treated by the Center's veterinarians.

This Saturday, Bill 36 will return to Philadelphia for the 116th Army-Navy Game, along with three other goat mascots. The Navy bringing goat mascots to the game is a tradition that dates back to 1883.