Neighbors restore Christmas after military veteran family is robbed

Just days before Christmas, a Grinch stole the holiday spirit away from a Houston area military family.

While former Marine Joshua Beaver and his family were out to diner, a thief broke in their house and took their TV, electronics and every gift under their tree.

After serving three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, the wounded veteran never expected his own countrymen to cause him such pain. "It's been a struggle… And to be robbed at Christmas is hard," Beaver said.

"I gave everything I could to this country." Said Beaver, adding "For bleeding in Iraq and all those tours I did, it's hard to come home and feel like your own countrymen stole from you."

His wife, Erin Beaver, said, "To wake up this morning and see that there's nothing here... It's really hard. It's just the most devastating hopeless feeling because it's six days before Christmas…I mean we don't even have the time let alone the money to replace everything."

The couple estimates they lost about $3,000 in gifts.

However, the holiday heist led to a Christmas miracle. Neighbors helped turn the family's pain into joy. They came together and blessed the family with gifts, cash and a new TV. "When she dropped it off, she said we want you guys to have this because how are you guys going to watch Christmas movies and spend time together as a family without a TV," Erin Beaver said.

"To see them care and bring up my service, it meant everything. Man, I don't cry but I've probably cried more today than I have in my whole life," was the sentiment shared by Joshua Beaver.

A grateful Erin Beaver thanked her neighbors and said, "It means everything that is the Christmas spirit…that's what this season is all about."