New dangerous stretch of Delaware County roadway to see much-needed improvements

After a lot of complaints from drivers in Delaware County, PennDOT says it is working on a fix for a newly constructed median along West Chester Pike that is causing close calls for those who travel the route. Drivers say it is downright scary.

Beth DeVito said, "When I was driving home last night, I noticed it. I'm like that is nuts, cause it's just too dangerous for people."

A stretch of West Chester Pike, eastbound, in Newtown Square, near the CVS is where part of a newly installed media is jutting out into the left lane.

DeVito continued, "It is sticking out a lot, yeah. If it’s a big car, you’re in big trouble. If you can’t judge it right, you’re going to get into an accident."

Liz Besvinick, of Edgemont, drives the stretch of road every morning and says it is very unnerving because there is nowhere to go. "Reaction is you want to go around it, which would cause you to go onto the right lane. If you are not familiar with it, you can't be quick enough to look in the right lane and make sure you're not going to hit someone."

That is Pat Miniszak’s fear. She says, at times, there are just inches between drivers. She says, "You really think you're gonna run into their side. Fortunately, I have a car that starts beeping when I'm too close to a car and it beeps every time."


The curb has already taken a beating and the tire marks from being hit are visible. PennDOT says it is aware of, quote, "…recent traffic related issues with the newly constructed median."

It says it plans to reconstruct the pointed portion three feet back from where it is now, to provide more space for drivers.

Drivers say that can’t happen soon enough, including Besvinick. "I'm not an engineer. I do know it's dangerous and probably, hopefully should not take too long but should go away."

PennDOT says one of its contractors will be on site Wednesday to correct the situation and work should wrap up by the end of the week.