New Jersey issues statewide recall of cafeteria milk that may contain sanitizer

New Jersey has issued a statewide recall of a specific brand of school cafeteria milk after officials said it contained sanitizer that sickened several students when they unknowingly drank it. 

The New Jersey Department of Health’s Public Health on Wednesday encouraged public schools to remove Guida's 1% Lowfat Milk from circulation in their cafeterias. Officials said at least 25 children have been hospitalized due to the presence of peroxyacetic sanitizer in milk with the date code 09-183 Apr 11 B2. 

The health department fears that other batches of milk could also be tainted. 

The statewide recall comes after emergency teams were called to the Early Childhood Development Center in Camden Wednesday after sanitizer was discovered in milk cartons, according to the school district. 

According to tweets released by Camden Schools, it was determined that some of the cartons contained a "non-toxic consumable sanitizer that runs through the vendor machines prior to milk." 

The Camden County Health Department said first responders were also called to Riletta Twyne Cream Childhood Development Center where five children were sent to Cooper Medical Center and discharged in the afternoon. Cooper University Healthcare sent doctors to the school to examine 15 children who were cleared to go home, the district said. 

"This was a scary situation but thankfully, everyone who was exposed to the milk is in stable condition and either back at school or home," Camden County Health Officer Paschal Nwako said.

The district said so far there are four schools impacted by the tainted milk and preliminary testing was conducted. Officials are in communication with the milk company about taking the product out of circulation. 

"This investigation is ongoing, and our department will get to the bottom of this situation," Nwako said.



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