New Jersey Mother, 29, Found Dead, Burning in Massachusetts

Police have identified a body found burned near a set of train tracks in Massachusetts as a New Jersey woman.

Ashley Bortne-DeMaurez, 29, was found dead by police in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

Family members in Paulsboro, New Jersey just learned that police in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, identified Ashley's body Tuesday night, after a report of a fire down an embankment by some railroad tracks.

Bornter-DeMaurez grew up in South Jersey, and moved to the Boston area about three years ago.

Police arrived to find it was a human body on fire.

Investigators think Ashley may have been killed somewhere else, and was then taken to the tracks with her hands tied behind her back and bound to her feet.

Police believe it was not a random act. They're searching for a dark SUV that was spotted, with as many as three people inside.

But for now, Ashley's family says they've is being told very little.

"We are totally blown away by this. Nothing in her, nothing would point to this. Relationship problems? Nothing. Nothing at all. And as family members, we sit around and speak, but we have no clue, it's just a tragedy," Ashley's cousin Tracey explained.

Ashley's family says she moved to the Boston area three years ago, and had been living with a female roommate, and that she has a son who lives in south jersey whom she would regularly visit.

The priority now, is to bring Ashley home. It' expected to cost around $2,000.

The family has started a GoFundMe to help pay for her funeral and transportation.