NJ teacher accused of taking pictures up students' skirts

Authorities announced that a Lenape High School teacher has been arrested for allegedly capturing upskirt videos and photos of female students in his classroom and the school's hallways.

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Police say Eric Howell, 43, was charged with two counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child (Second Degree), one count of Official Misconduct (Second Degree) and four counts of Invasion of Privacy (Third Degree).

Investigators say Howell concealed a camera in a coconut water box that was then placed in the side portion of his briefcase. According to police, he would unscrew the cap of the box in his briefcase, walk in close proximity to female students and carry his bag in a manner that allowed his camera to see up their skirts or loose-fitting shorts.

Howell's alleged behavior was brought to the attention of the school administration on May 2 by an individual who observed him passing behind a female student and extending his arm sideways in an attempt to position the camera under her skirt, according to investigators.

The school administration contacted police after receiving the information and immediately banned Howell from school property and school events. School officials have been fully cooperative with law enforcement during the investigation.

Authorities say the charges filed to date against Howell represent offenses against three students, one of whom was targeted on more than one occasion. He was also charged with making an upskirt recording at a convenience store.

The investigation is ongoing. A search warrant executed at his residence resulted in the seizure of multiple digital storage devices that are being analyzed by the Prosecutor's Office High-Tech Crimes Unit.

Howell has been a chemistry teacher at the school since 2016.