Video: No injuries after SEPTA bus rolls into a Logan building, scattering debris

A double long SEPTA bus barreled backwards into a building in Philadelphia's Logan neighborhood on Saturday.

Thankfully no one was hurt, but the owner of the building and community were shaken up by the thunderous wreck.

FOX 29 reached out to SEPTA for word on the incident and are waiting for their reply.

Security cameras you’ll see exclusively on FOX 29 caught the moment a double long bus rolled out of the Olney Transportation Center and into a building.

"I didn't know really what was happening but it was pretty scary and loud," said Les Sabulsky.


Sabulsky, owner of the Terminal Check Services, a business attached to where the bus hit said his family has owned that part of the building for decades and it was a restaurant 25 years ago, but hasn't been used since.

"I am hearing that the bus might not have been in park or maybe in neutral," he said. "It was an empty bus. Thank God it was empty."

In the aftermath several cars were covered in debris.

"It could have been worse, because if it was parked over here, in this lane, it would have backed right into where my father and I were standing," Sabulsky said.  "You think about that and realize how fortunate you are."

Anthony Jacquinto, the owner of Tellup’s Tavern, next door, said he was inside with a couple customers when it happened.

"Someone said it was thunder and I said no way it was thunder. So we all went in the back and we just saw the bus in the building," said Jacquinto.

Thankfully, he said the worst damage they saw was their cable knocked out for the Sixers game.

"I went somewhere else to watch it. They won by 20, so it was good."

It appears both the bar and the check service business are structurally okay and will be able to continue doing business while SEPTA investigates exactly what happened.

"SEPTA, they came out in force, they were very proactive and gave us information and contacted our insurance company," Sabulsky said.