Norristown bakery gives Christmas gifts to loyal patron who has been going there for 30+ years

An incredibly sweet gesture from employees at a local business to one of their most loyal patrons has touched hundreds of hearts.

Employees at Corropolese Bakery in Norristown joined together to purchase gifts for Paul, a man from their community who has come to the store every day for more than 30 years.

In a video posted on December 20 by Chelsea Cotteta Organtini, Paul laughs, jokes, and opens his gifts along with some employees and its absolutely heartwarming.

Organtini told FOX 29, "Paul has been coming to our store (Corropolese Bakery) for many, many years! He rides his bike here every day (literally every day for 30+ years!) and has a cup of coffee and reads the paper.

"We'll give him a roll, donut or whatever else he's in the mood for as well, and of course, get him birthday and Christmas presents! He's just an overall sweet guy and everyone here loves him! He's like part our family!"