Norristown kindergartners attend 'Boot Camp' to prepare them for in-person learning

One area school district is getting an early start on the classroom comeback. A group of kindergartners masked up and headed to school in Norristown for what’s being termed "Boot Camp."

"It was super exciting," kindergartener Samuel Ofosu-Baako lit up as he spoke of his first school bus ride.

Masked up, he and roughly 100 other classmates got their first taste of kindergarten in the Norristown Area School District Monday.

"It gives them confidence to go back to school. They already know the environment and they’re seeing their teacher," mom Beatrice Ofosu-Baako remarked.

It’s the district’s first ever readiness program.  The five-day boot camp at Musselman Learning Center, is meant to help with an already big transition for a full day of school come August 30th, in-person, after many had to experience pre-K virtually.

"He’s been home the whole time and it’s stressful for kids his age. So, it’s better for him to be back there and interact with other students," Ofosu-Baako explained.

"I got to go to the playground and then I got to spell my name and then I got to get lunch," young Samuel described his day.\


"You know, building up some academic skills, social skills. Learning about procedures," Norristown Area School District Superintendent Christopher Dormer commented.

Among those school procedures, masks for everyone in school, vaccinated or not.

"To me, it was kind of an easy decision," Superintendent Former said.

Superintendent Dormer said it came down to so many students ineligible to get vaccinated, concerns about the Delta variant and they are space challenged, but want kids back full-time.

"To make sure that doesn’t get disrupted this year, let’s do something minimally disruptive with masks," Dormer added.

First and second graders Phoebe and Nana understand why.

"We use masks to keep us from COVID-19," Phoebe Ofosu-Baako stated.

"Like even though it doesn’t feel so good, but you still have to wear it, so you don’t get sick or you make other people sick," Nana Ofosu-Baako remarked.



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