Not-so-good Santa chased, charged with dealing drugs

Police say Isaac Geiger was seen standing at the driver's door of a U-Haul rental truck in the parking lot of a Jacksonville, Fla., business Monday when suspicious bystanders called police.

"Geiger was very distinguishable in the parking lot because he was wearing a red and white Santa Claus outfit, complete with hat and white beard," the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said in a release.

Officers say Geiger ran when he saw them. That's when they say they found a "large amount of marijuana" on the U-Haul's driver's seat.

Police chased Geiger and caught up with when he tripped over his Santa pants and fell to the ground, the release said.

As he was being restrained, police say they found a plastic baggie in Geiger's shorts pocket under the Santa suit along, with a sum of cash.

While searching the U-Haul, cops said they found a scale with marijuana residue, and a black pouch containing MDMA on the front driver seat (in plain view).

Inside a five-gallon bucket was additional marijuana, a yellow substance cops say contained THC, more MDMA, Ecstasy pills, and money, according to the release.

Geiger was arrested and charged with possession of meth with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana, resisting arrest and other drug-related charges.

Geiger remains held in lieu of $75,000 bond. He's due in court Jan. 11.