Off-duty Trooper uses makeshift tourniquet to save crash victim

NJ State Trooper Kenneth Minnes made a lifesaving split-second decision after encountering a serious motor vehicle crash on Monday.

On Monday, March 5 at around 2:30 p.m., Trooper Minnes encountered a serious motor vehicle crash on the Atlantic City Expressway in Gloucester Township while he was off-duty. Minnes used a tourniquet to help save a man's life.

When he arrived, he discovered a car that traveled off the road and struck several trees. Prior to his arrival, a passing motorist removed the occupants from the vehicle, but Minnes knew the victims needed to be moved away from the smoking car. With the assistance of passing motorists, Minnes moved the victims to a safe location before the vehicle became fully engulfed.

Minnes determined that a tourniquet needed to be applied to the passenger's heavily bleeding arm Using a piece of a tree branch and a tee-shirt, Minnes created a makeshift tourniquet to apply to the victim's arm.

A short time later, advanced emergency personnel arrived and airlifted the occupants to Cooper Medical Center.

The New Jersey State Police posted the story on their Facebook page.

"Despite just graduating the State Police Academy last year, Tpr. Minnes displayed the poise of a veteran and his decisive actions helped save the victims' lives."

Nice work, Trooper!