Off-duty officer carjacked at gunpoint in Kingsessing, car found torched in West Philadelphia, authorities say

An off-duty police officer was carjacked at gunpoint early Friday morning and the car was found on fire. 

Chief Inspector Scott Small says the carjacking happened around 12:15 a.m., officers with the 12th District responded to numerous calls for a carjacking, shots fired and an auto accident at the intersection of 56th and Pentridge Streets in Kingsessing. 

When police arrived on scene, they found an off-duty officer who said he was parking his Silver 2020 Toyota Highlander when a suspect with a gun stopped him, reached into his pockets to grab his keys and then stole his vehicle, authorities say. 

Authorities say the officer fired his "off-duty" weapon seven times and hit the driver's side of the car multiple times. 

According to police, the suspect then crashed the off-duty officer's car into unattended parked cars and then continued going north on 56th Street. 

Hours later, a car was found burning on the 5900 block of Delancey Street in West Philadelphia and it was identified as the officer's car.   

The incident remains under investigation. 


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