Video: 3 women slugged in unprovoked attack on Philadelphia sidewalk

Video captured outside a Philadelphia home shows three women casually walking down the sidewalk when an unknown man attacks them without warning. 

The brutal and seemingly unprovoked attack happened on the 1200 block of Morris Street around 11 p.m. Wednesday night.

A neighbor's Ring doorbell camera captured the man walk beside a group of three women, then punch one of them in the face. 

When another woman intervenes, the man also slugs her in the face. Video shows the man grab a third woman by the hair and repeatedly hit her in the head. 


The man is heard on video saying something to the women before he walks away, but it's difficult to hear. Two bystanders come to the women's aid and ask if they know the attacker and the women say they do not.

It's unknown if the women suffered any serious injuries. 

"I gotta be honest I wasn't surprised at all, it's sickening," a neighbor told FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson. Another local said she carries "weaponry" after being mugged three times. 

"It's scary that people are just walking around acting viciously to other people," a neighbor said. "I hope they find the person, and until then you gotta kind of watch out."